Signature Gourmet Burgers

Our custom blend of chuck, brisket, and short rib comes from 100% grass-fed beef by a local farm, free from antiobiotics and hormones.


Ice Cold Craft Beer

A variety of handcrafted beer and local favorites are served in chilled pint glasses.


Only the Freshest Vegetables

Our salads are prepared using only the freshest ingredients, chopped into bite-sized portions for your convenience.


Martinis and Cocktails

Our full-service bar offers a selection of popular cocktails for your enjoyment.


Soft Serve Milkshakes

Soft serve ice cream is combined with delicious flavor-enhancers, both sweet and salty, or spiked with your favorite liqueur!

NOW HIRING! Please click “Apply Now” to print an application. We are onsite Monday-Friday between 10am-5pm, accepting applications and scheduling interviews. Drop in anytime and ask for Lance Smith.